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Document last modified @ January 10 2007 18:27:35.(GMT)

about this site

as a frequent user of this site you might have noticed that this.content is quite often updated, this means, everytime I get a chance and find that something might be usefull to others, I add it to the bunch. This is, for obvious reasons, if that something obliges to the rules of GPL.

Some of the icons you find on the left top I took from KDE themes - crystal in this case - others I tried to do myself but I can't compete with the guys from the KDE team.
Almost all of the content of this site is produced and compiled with open source software like Quanta plus, The Gimp etc. and tested/debugged on my selfmade "server" running apache2 on suse 9.1 linux (distro Caixa Mágica 10.0). The immediate previewing was done with Opera 8.51 running on that same distro. All of the content and scripts etc. is then tested on several other browsers like Konquerer, Mozilla and Safari. The only browser I just gave up on was the famous Internet Explorer (or should it be Exploiter) from Microsoft, it just won't do the work with css. That's why, if you use MSIE, you get redirected to the crappy old version full of javascripts which will not be updated anymore since I got sick writing code exclusively for that crappy browser. IE users, just get a browser, they are for free!

The layout and the menus are fully controlled by css. I took some of the ideas from Stu Nicholls and the team from NVU for the frame like layout. Then I got thru some hard time figuring out how to put he contents menu in a dynamic way on the screen without having to waste the precious space on screen etc. and stumbled over this site. The content is fully controlled by php where I took a lot of ideas and inspiration from the scripts used to make the WebCalendar (yes the one you can find in the service menu!) mainly done by Craig Knudson. Thank you guys!

For consulting issues (and maybe insulting ones as well!) you can download the structure in a ripped tarball archive here. Suggestions, spelling issues and stuff like that are always welcome. If there is anyone out there willing to translate some content, just drop me a line at ANATOL[at]ANATOL[dot]BIZ and I'll send all the stuff you need and some more; french, for example, would be nice, but my french is worse than Schwarzenegger's english.

Mainly the site depends on the most simple HTML possible which is provided, this for the dynamics, by PHP chunks using external files. This might seem quite complicated at first sight, but, if you have a closer look at the structure, you'll see that adding content becomes quite like writing a normal text. Of course, formatting is still done by typing the code into the text, but I'm working on a bunch of tools to make that easier, mainly for the translation part (suggestions are quite welcome once again). I've avoided any kind of javascript for layout and content since there are quite some conflicts about how each browser runs scripts and if the browser really should run them.