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Document last modified @ January 10 2007 16:34:58.(GMT)

Giroflé- Gwacheon - South Corea - 2005

just after unloading - getting things sorted out setting up the cage - have closer look under the set

on the left you can see the corean way for scaffolds. that's me on the top there, trying to figure out how to fly the PA in that thing.
comunication was almost impossible with the local guys, so we had lot's of problems of any kind, like no grounding in the lighting system, delays with the setup, no flying grids for the PA and so on.

Giroflé- Seoul @ Olympic Park - South Corea - 2005

again just after unloading and trying to figure out how to get the thing set up all set up - you can't see the lighting structures here, but that's the idea

break down is done, now we are waiting for the truck and meanwhile trying to dry the sheets (in the back)
the problems at this venue were just about the same as in Gwacheon but worse. I had to redesign all the lighting to get the job done with only parcans and optics that were mixed like a russian salad. the general rehearsal was cancelled as well as the first show. the breakdown was kind of complicated as well, we didn't have half the technicians we asked for.

Giroflé - Serralves - Porto - 2005

giro2 giro3 giro5
giro4 this are kind of shitty fotos made with my old cellphone, but they might just show how the cage was set up.
this was actually the first show of the tour in 2005.

Giroflé -Leiria - Portugal - 2004

some crazy rigging stuff here.
everything was flown from the walls around the venue, so we had to drill holes into a church wall to fly the truss.
then, one of the chain hoists just gave up and we had to build a rope system to get the truss in place.
but then, when it gets tough, you got to have some fun anyhow. so someone placed just before the opening his sons toys on the lighting desk and i had to run the show from behind a wall of toys.

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