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Document last modified @ June 12 2009 07:47:04.(GMT)

Subterrâneos do Corpo - Technical Rider

Subterrâneos do Corpo

technical rider

1. Stage and set

The stage should be at least 8m wide and 7m deep (plus backstage and service area) and completely levelled.

The minimum height (fly bars) should be at least 6m.

The stage floor must be non reflective black. There should be a black backdrop hung on the last flybar and we will use a typical italian scene with legs and teasers.

2. Lights

The houselights should be controlable by DMX512. In addition to the usual houselights we will set up a kind of blinder with 1kW PC's (or something similar) in quantities according to the size of the venue.

Lighting material to be supplied by the venue:

  • 3 a 6 - PC (prismconvex) 1kW with barndoors (quantity according to the size of the venue, for the blinder effect)

  • 10 - profiles Robert Juliat 614SX

  • 1 Fresnel 1kW with barndoors

  • 4 dichroic ramps RJ Brabo (with ballast so they can work independently) or 8 flood Strand IRIS 1kW or similar with barndoors (we will need barndoors for the RJ Brabo as well).
    The ramps (or floods) will be set up inside our stage set and will need 4 dimmed circuits.
  • Filters and gels:
    4 x Lee197 for Robert Juliat 614SX
    4 x Lee202 for Robert Juliat 614SX
    2 x Lee201 for Robert Juliat 614SX
    4 x Lee156 for Robert Juliat Brabo (or 8 for IRIS)
    2 x Rosco184(cosmetic peach) for Robert Juliat Brabo (or 4 for IRIS)
    2 x Rosco189(cosmetic peach) for Robert Juliat Brabo (or 4 for IRIS)
    Rosco Cinegel #3006 for all PC's 1kW

18 dimmer channels dmx512 with linear response (we will use very low intensities and very long fades)
The channels for the blinder effect are allready included, but for larger venues we might need some channels extra.

dmx cable from the dimmers to the sound and lighting booth (male 3 pin used 1 - ground / 2 - positive / 3 - negative)

we will bring our own lighting desk with us

The sketch below shows the lighting plot for ACARTE (FCG-Lisboa)

3. Sound

PA: a 4 point source system (not a typical sourround) each point granting full coverage of the audience (20Hz-20kHz @ 98dBa SPL) preserving 12dBu headroom thru the whole system.
we'll need 2 flown fullrange monitors (expect some high pressure low frequecy peaks), the foldback mix could be a mono sum of the 4 PA outputs.
1 professional DVD player with at least 4 discrete outputs (sound)
there should be a graphic EQ (1/3 octave - 31 bands) for each PA and foldback send and a small mixer to control the levels.

The system should be ready to be set up upon our arrival.

3. Sketches

in some systems this sketch might not be complete, for accurate information please refer to this file in AutoCad 3D 2004 DWG format, compressed DXF 3D or in encapsulated Postscript
depending on your connection and system this application might take up to 10 minutes to load

4. Working schedules

local technicians






rigg / mach



set up light / sound / stage set




focus / patch





stage set up / light corrections / sound check




general rehearsal





performance / break down




5. dressing rooms

We will need a dressing room for 2 dancers with shower facilities and a backup room for storage and production support.

6. laundry service

After the performance we will need to dry clean two black dresses.

7. contacts

technical matters:
Anatol Waschke
+351 914 937 950

Via-Lab - Ana Martins
gsm. +351 965 201 811

document copyleft  by Anatol Waschke