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Document last modified @ September 02 2010 10:37:00.(GMT)

Ferloscardo - technical rider


technical rider

1. stage and set

The stage should be at least 8m wide (+ backstage and service area), 6m deep and the grid must be at least 6m high.
The stage floor must be levelled (no inclination at all) and non reflective black in all acting areas.

2. Lighting gear

If possible, the house lights should be controlled by DMX.
We need total blackout during most of the performance, so any light source like structural openings and any other light source that might interfer with the stage lighting must be covered or dimmed during our show.

Lighting material to be supplied by the venue:

  • 36 - channels 16A@220V of digital dimmers DMX 512
  • 12 - floor bases
  • 09 - PC (prismconvex) 1kW with barndoors, gel holder, hook etc.
  • 24 - PAR64 with CP62 optics with gel holder, hook etc.

the drawing below is just an example, please send us a sketch of your venue we'll try to adapt the technical specifications.

3. Sound

Public Address:
  • left and right clusters providing each full coverage for the audience (+/- 3dB SPL A-weighted) with expected linear response 20Hz-20kHz / +/-3dB providing 95 dB SPL (A-weighted) at mixing position reserving at least 12dBu overall system headroom
  • preferred brands: Meyer Sound, Nexo, Renkus-Heinz, D&B, Kling&Freitag
Stage Sound:
  • 6 floor monitors preferrably bi-amped
    preferred brands: Meyer Sound, Nexo, Renkus-Heinz, D&B, Kling & Freitag
F.O.H. mixing desk:
  • minimum 16 channels with 4 band paramatric (or sweep) EQ, low cut, insert, phase reverse and individual phantom power
  • must have at least 6 pre/post switchable aux sends
  • the sound booth has to be located in a central position in the audience
  • preferred brands: MIDAS, Yamaha PM series, Soundcraft MH series / Vi series
    Roland or Behringer consoles are not accepted under any circumstances!
    dynamics and FX:
  • 6 channels graphic EQ 1/3 octave 31 bands (2 for F.O.H. sound + 4 for Foldback)
    preferred brands: Klark Teknik, BSS, DBX, Drawmer
  • 1 multieffect (pref. TC Electronics, Lexicon PCM series or 480L, Yamaha SPX1000, 990 or 900)
  • 4 channels dynamic compression (pref. DBX, BSS, Drawmer)
  • 4 channels dynamic gate (pref. DBX, BSS, Drawmer)

Channels List:




mike / DI



drum1kickBeyer Dynamic M88TGlowgate 1
drum2snare topBeyer Dynamic MCE83lowcompressor 1
drum3snare bottomBeyer Dynamic MCE83lowcompressor 2
drum4tom 1DPA 4061rubber clipgate 2
drum5tom 2DPA 4061rubber clipgate 3
drum6floor tomSM87lowgate 4
drum7overhead leftBeyer Dynamic MCE723high
drum8overhead rightBeyer Dynamic MCE723high
bass9bass line leftBSS AR113compressor 2
bass10bass line rightBSS AR113compressor 3
bass11bass mikeShure SM87low
piano12piano lowDPA 4060magnetic clipcompressor 4
piano13piano highDPA 4060magnetic clip
piano14vocalDPA 4066headsetvalve compressor
FOH15Lexicon MPX1 return leftline
FOH16Lexicon MPX1 return rightline

The sound system should be set up and ready for testing at the arrival of the company.

    other equipment:
    • 1 CD player
    • 1 - grand piano (pref. Bösendorfer Model 225)
    • 1 - drumset consisting of:
      • 1 - 20 inch kick drum/remo simple skin
      • 1 - 10 inch tom/ remo simple skin
      • 1 - 12 inch tom/ remo simple skin
      • 1 - 14 inch floor tom/ remo simple skin
      • 1 - 14 inch by 5.5 inch wooden snare / sanded ambassador skin
      • 1 - DW drum throne
      • 1 - Hi-Hat stand for 14 inch plates
      • 2 - large articulated cymbal stands DW
      • 1 - DW single drum pedal
      • 1 - DW double brace snare stand
      • 1 - Cowbell support for mid tom position
      • 1 - paired set of 14 inch Jazz Zildjan Hi-Hat's
      • 1 - crash 16" Zildjan Jazz
      • 1 - ride 20" Zildjan Jazz
      • 1 - small table 45x45cm @ 60cm height for support
    • 1 black carpet for the drum kit (2m x 2m)
    • 1 high black bar stool
    • 1 piano bench (the height should be adjustable)
    • 2 black boxes or small tables for placing light percussions and accessories
    • please provide black extension cables for the mains distribution
The sound system should be set up and ready for testing at the arrival of the company.

3. Drawings (sketches)

if you are not seeing the drawing above you need to install this plugin!

4. Work schedule

local technicians










setup set / light / sound






soundcheck / focus / runthru






performance / breakdown




2 (for loadout)

4. Dressings rooms and backup spaces

We will need 2 dressing rooms (at least one of them with a warm water shower) for 4 persons each.
The access to the stage and to the sound/lighting both should be as direct as possible and not accessible to the audience.
Please provide at least 1l of still mineral water for each of our crew members every of or stay.
If possible, we would like to have wired (LAN) internet access in at least one of the dressing rooms.

5. Laundry service

There might be the need of dry cleaning for several trousers and shirts.
Please confirm on upon the companies arrival.

6. Contacts

technical matters:
Anatol Waschke
+351 914 937 950

Sofia Matos
+351 966 379 333

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