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welcome to anatol.biz

the main purpose of making and maintaining this site is to share the results of my work and to provide - hopefully! - usefull services to the technical comunity of the showbiz.
all content is meant to be used under GPL, this means whatever you might find usefull in here please use it at your own will as long as you share the results in the same way i did.

This website pretends to be a platform of services and interaction for and between professional technicians working in the entertainment industry, mainly theatre and musical productions.

First of all I should let you know about my background. I've been working in the entertainment area for almost 20 years now. Actually I started as a musician and sound tech. As I got closer and closer to theatre productions, I quickly got into lighting, rigging and stage machinery. I've been working as technician and adviser for rental firms, theatres and independent productions.

One of the purposes of this website is to share documentation about the productions I took part in. You are free to use and modify all bits and parts published on this website for your own work as long as you share the results of the work resulting from this use in the same way as on this website. Some fotos are excluded from this permission. You will notice this by special marks within the context. I believe by sharing documentation like technical riders and making them open for a community you might be able to create a common interface thus making live easier for all the parts involved.
Technicians, even living and working in th same city, rarely have contact with each other if they are not involved somehow with the same production. This makes the exchange of experiences and solutions quite difficult.
This is where this website comes in; to let us know about each other and what we are doing right or wrong!

there might be several things not really working, like the german translations for example. But these are things to be corrected really soon