Quantities of lighting gear:

14 profile spots Robert Juliat 614SX or similar

20 PAR64 with optics according to conditions

36 PC (prismconvex) 1,2kw 6-30 degrees with barn doors

06 PC or Fresnel 650W (ex. Mini F ou Quartet PC) with barn doors

08 Flood 1kW assimetrical (ex. Coda or CCT Starlet) with barndoors and color frame


8 towers for profiles ca. 60cm high


60 channel dimmers 2kW (10A@220V) digital

01 digital lighting desk with manual cross fade A/B with two faders and 24 sub masters

            (ex. ADB Tenor or LT Hydra Stage)

some spots of the floor based lighting material are not included in the lighting plot, since their positions will be decided during the spacing accordingly to varios cues.


4 tops EAW KF 750 cabinets to be set up in the windows or flown in 2clusters
(we would like to decide about the exact location of those clusters at the venue)
4 Subwoofers EAW SB1000at the back

all cabinets must be delayable by cluster to achieve virtual alignment of all clusters and subwoofers.

6 wireless lavalier microfones (pref. AKG CK77 but any quality omni or cardioid lavalier microfone will do the job) with black windshields

1 Yamaha 01V or similar

it would be nice to have 2 lines of analogic graphic EQ for room equalization

2 professional CD players with autopause and remain time display

1 SM58 or similar for announces


lighting gear on floor - - - right-click here and choose "save as ..." for DXF format
flown lighting gear - - - right-click here and choose "save as ..." for DXF format